abstract concrete


“Surrealist dystopian vision meets music video meets architecture film meets artist moving image creating a world where concrete becomes alive until it ends in decay.” 

Footage taken for my project Run has been repurposed for this short abstract experimental film. Most work was done in post-production and the initial edit has been re-cut to sync with the soundtrack. No actual CGI used, unless you consider different blend/overlay modes CGI.

abstract concrete premiered as part of Super Shorts Film Festival London on 1st December 2018.

abstract concrete had its Australian premier as part of the Sydney World Film Festival in April 2019.

It was shown again in London on 18th May 2019 by Exploding Cinema at the Horse Hospital.

It had its Asian premiere in Hong Kong on 18th June 2019 at the Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival.

It has since also been shown in Somerville, MA and at Defy Film Festival in Nashville, TN in the US.



Most but not all footage taken before abstract concrete, [beta] (a.k.a. Dread) is part of a concept called run  I am developing and struggling to find a place to film. So if you know of an industrial/dystopian location that is ok to have me film in London please let me know. Was thinking about Southbank but location fees are just impossible. It’ll also be the first project that needs detailed producing which I am looking forward to but still in very early pre-production.

[beta] is on Vimeo since early April.

liquid 1

liquid b2

Created for the One Minute Film Club challenge Liquid, this is fully computer generated during the edit process and cut to a shorter version of the music I used for absolute concrete.

liquid 1 was shown as part of the One Minute Film Club slot at Exploding Cinema in London on 30th March 2019. Location: Cheeky Soundsystem, Unit 2, 62 Hatcham rd, London, SE15 1TW .

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